Rock Rewards Programme
We have recently implemented a rewards programme for our cash/COD customers. This programme is to reward loyal customers. The reward is in the form of an annual rebate, payable in the month of December. A percentage of purchases will be given back to the customer and works on a sliding scale. Conditions of the Rewards programme:
  • All purchases with the exception of cement and geysers will qualify for rebates.
  • All purchases paid for by cash or by EFT will qualify (credit card and cheque payments are excluded due to additional costs from the bank to us as a merchant.
  • All late or overdue payments will disqualify those purchases from rebates.
  • All purchases from the date your application is received, or the first day of December till the end of November will be used to calculate your rebate.

    0 - R59 999 pa - 0% of Sales excl VAT

    R60 000 + pa - 2% of Sales exceeding R60 000, excl VAT    
  • Rebates will be accumulated and paid into the account as indicated on your application form on or before 15 December of each year into your preferred account as specified above.
  • The standard conditions of sales of the company apply on all purchases made.
We retain the right to adjust annual rates.

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